How to use Instagram for Branding
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How to use Instagram for Branding

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How to use Instagram for Free Branding

While Facebook is a great platform for paid advertising, I think that a properly managed Instagram brand can bring in a lot of organic sales as well.

🔥So let’s talk How to use Instagram for Branding ! 🔥

How to structurize your page?

Your Instagram profile is essentially one of the first steps in your sales funnel. It has to further direct to your website/service/whatever you sell.

So your Instagram profile has to be structurized properly.

1) Profile picture.

Your profile picture has to be relevant to your niche. Or, in case of an e-commerce brand, it should represent your brand. A professional, clean and elegant logo will do the work.

2) Profile Description.

Your description should include the perks/information of your website or service. For example:

Free Worldwide Shipping
Over ”xx’xxx” Happy Customers
Money-back guarantee for all orders

Be sure to properly include emojis as well! It draws attention and makes the description look better overall.

As for the last line of your description, it should be a CTA ( Call-To-Action).

For example:

”Shop here” ( with some down arrow emojis )
”Tap here to shop” ( down arrow emojis )

The CTA is important, since it gives an incentive to click the link and visit the store.

Your profile description should include a link to your store as well of course.

3) About what to post.

Remember to post not only your products, but content as well.

If you’re a fitness brand, for example: Post fitness memes, healthy food recipes , quality excercise programs, inspiring before-after pictures , stuff like that. Something to draw followers in.

But when you do post your products – Be sure to tag them ( connect your shopify store to your instagram to tag products )
Be sure to have a CTA as well ( lead them to your bio ) offer a 24h coupon code , etc etc.

Remember about hashtags! Do NOT use big hashtags ( >1mil ) . Use small-medium hashtags (100k-1mil) to ensure the possibility of getting into the discover feed.

4) About your profile feed.

People love How to use Instagram for Branding.

Keep this in mind. Try to give your feed a certain vibe (light, minimalistic, black& white, etc etc ) to ensure that people get hooked and follow you. It helps to build a certain brand feel as well.

If you want me to continue putting out some content, please write in the comments what interests you the most about Instagram and what should I write about!

Thank you for reading this far! 🙂 If any of you need any help in regards to Instagram brand building, feel free to comment or message. Have a nice day everyone & keep hustling!

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